05/10/16: Sibbald Point Provincial Park



Last week, my family and I decided to go up north to Sibbald Point Provincial Park in Sutton, Ontario to enjoy the lovely spring weather and escape the urban restlessness of Toronto for a day. We left home kinda late but the sun was still shining high and bright above us when we arrived around 5pm. I went with my two cousins, my brother, and my dad.

this is my cousin Ricka and I
my goofy dad haha
my cousin Joe, he’s pretty goofy too
and my brother Jason

As soon as we arrived, we discovered that the Fern Trail that we wanted to hike was closed. But we drove a little further and discovered the beach trail. We basically just hung out and enjoyed the weather, eating buns and fruits, skipping stones, catching fish, and having a mini photoshoot. It was super fun!


Thanks to my brother for taking some really nice photos of me, he’s awesome! 🙂

top: f21 / bomber: zara mens / bottoms: urban outfitters / purse: danier

IMG_0981 IMG_0990 IMG_1302

Like I said before, Joe is pretty goofy, so although Jason got some great shots of me, he got some pretty funny ones too because of Joe’s quirky poses in the background haha.

IMG_1003 IMG_1004 IMG_1001 IMG_1000 IMG_0998

Well I guess the goofiness runs in the family cause Ricka and I can be pretty weird too sometimes LOL.

IMG_1193IMG_1203IMG_1197IMG_1068 IMG_1067

Our whole family is weird but that’s what makes us fun I think.

IMG_1181 IMG_1165 IMG_1157 IMG_1142

Overall we had a great time and the weather was lovely although a bit windy. Definitely a great place to check out for a hike, jog, or just enjoying the sunshine.


Before we knew it, hours passed and we were getting hungry. It was time to head home for dinner. 😋

IMG_1454 IMG_1455 IMG_1456

We all had a lot of fun that day and hopefully when we come back the Fern trail will be open and we can discover another trail together.

Until next time! 🙂 Bye!


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