05/22/16: Bang Bang Ice Cream & The Porch


On the Sunday before Victoria Day, Benson and I explored downtown Toronto on what was a beautiful gorgeous sunny day 🙂 Our first stop was Bang Bang Ice Cream located at Ossington and Argyle. As soon as we got there, we saw a huge line going down the street filled with customers waiting to get their ice cream.


It was pretty insane, but we didn’t mind too much because the weather was lovely and there were cute vintage shops along the block that we could check out during the wait. Once we got to the front of the ice cream store, we could see the menu and the variety of ice cream and cookie options available.

IMG_1643 IMG_1641

I ended up getting a half cookie while Benson got a full one. Mine was burnt toffee with the captain pnut cookie and Benson got the totoro ice cream with the everything cookie.

burnt toffee with half a captain pnut cookie

totoro ice cream [yam flavoured] with the everything cookie

IMG_1649 (1)IMG_1650

Afterwards we walked along the streets of downtown towards the Eaton Centre to chill before heading to The Porch for some drinks.

IMG_1656 IMG_1661

When we got to The Porch, we had to line up and wait a bit to get inside. We then paid the cover of $10 for the both of us and then headed up the many stairs towards the patio.


As soon as we entered the patio, all we saw were huge buckets of drinks and A LOT OF PEOPLE. It was super crowded and we had to wait a while before we found a seat to ourselves. It’s an open patio where you can order food at the truck in the corner or drinks at the bar at the side. If you’re sitting down with a group of people, a waitress might come and serve you and take your order but if not, you’re kinda just wandering until you find an open seat yourself.

margarita bucket and porch bulldog

Benson and I ordered a drink each. He got a lime margarita and I got a strawberry porch bulldog. Both drinks come with a slice of watermelon inside. It tasted delicious! And they’re huge so you really only need one drink per person.

yummiest drink ever! I got a little tipsy after finishing it LOL


Not only are the drinks great, but can we talk about this view? Not too far from The Porch is the CN Tower and it makes a really great background for the patio. I also love all the string lights hanging above the patio that light up when it gets dark. We didn’t stay long enough to see them light up because it started to get a little chilly, but the view was beautiful nonetheless.




Benson and I had a great time together, but the crowded atmosphere and the jazzy country music didn’t really suit us. We kinda felt like fish out of water because everyone was very loud and seemed to know each other while we were just there in the corner sipping on our drinks LOL. This probably isn’t a great place for an intimate date, but I can imagine it’d be pretty awesome for social drinking, partying, and meeting new people. Overall, I’m super glad Benson brought me here because the gigantic bucket drinks were pretty friggen awesome. 🙂

For more info on Bang Bang Ice Cream and The Porch, click on the photos below to go to their websites!

Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
The Porch

That’s all for today’s adventures 🙂

Until next time!



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