05/23/16: Fishing on Victoria Day

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About two weeks ago, during the Victoria long weekend, Benson and I went fishing with a bunch of friends up north in various locations near Kawartha, Durham, and Lake Simcoe. The exact locations are not to be revealed as these are my friend’s top secret beloved fishing spots, but hopefully the photos help y’all out!

Benson, Morris, and Alex
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Me & Linda 🙂

The first location was a fail LOL. We parked our car at the beginning of a trail, and we walked deep into these woods before coming to some train tracks along a bridge where the guys were suppose to fish underneath.



Turns out the hill was super steep and we couldn’t fish there because it wasn’t a public property or something? But that’s okay, cause check out this awesome frog we met along the way.

he was hiding in the grass and I was barely able to spot him!

We couldn’t really do much there so we just took some cool photos along the tracks and then dipped to find another location.


hahahah alex

The next location we went to was a bit better. There was a bridge too but it was a lot clearer and some old men were already fishing there when we arrived.

File 2016-06-02, 5 59 03 PM

I think Alex was the only one who caught something here. It was the first catch of the day, a cute tiny little fish haha.

File 2016-06-02, 5 56 28 PM

While we were here, Benson’s line got caught on some rocks and I had to save the day by going into the water and getting it out for him. This is the first and probably the last time I will ever do this because the rocks were all mossy and super slippery and I almost fell so many times haha.

File 2016-06-02, 5 58 34 PM File 2016-06-02, 5 57 36 PM File 2016-06-02, 5 57 03 PM

After about an hour of so, we got bored because there were only tiny fish here and we wanted to catch the really huge ones, so we moved locations yet again.

File 2016-06-02, 5 54 09 PM

This next location was in Durham I believe. While the guys were fishing, Linda and I met a nice old lady who lived near this pond. We both had to go pee really badly and there were no public washrooms nearby so we went to the nearest house to ask to use their bathroom. In the backyard, we found an old lady and her blind cat Gracie. We asked to use her bathroom and she said “Sure thing, but first you gotta help me get out of this chair.” It turns out she was sitting out there for a while waiting for someone to help her get up and Linda and I just so happened to pass by to help. She called us her “guardian angels” haha.

File 2016-06-02, 9 12 20 PM

In the time span of 15 mins, Linda and I basically learned her whole life story from how she saved Gracie from being put down to how she first got her house and how she was heartbroken about having to sell it next year. I love meeting new people and I feel like old grandma and grandpas are the cutest and definitely the most interesting people to talk to sometimes 🙂 After we peed, we left this location to go to the next one.

File 2016-06-02, 5 52 53 PM

File 2016-06-02, 5 52 32 PM

This location is definitely my favourite out of all the locations we went to. We caught the most amount of fish here and these were the biggest too! There were quite a few other people already fishing here but they weren’t able to catch anything as big as what we got!

File 2016-06-02, 5 46 20 PM
Morris caught this huge bass!

We probably spent the most amount of time here. I liked this area the most because it was the most spacious. There were spots for us to sit right underneath the bridge where we could chill and wait for the fish to bite, as well as along the sides.


File 2016-06-02, 5 51 24 PM
Benson caught a musky!

After hours and hours of fishing, we ate some wings and fries at a local restaurant and drove home and called it a night. The weather was perfect and we caught so much fish! It was actually my first time fishing ever and I never knew it could be so fun. I always had this misconception that fishing was boring and a waste of time but my experience this time was actually so exciting. It’s fun to try different bait and wait for the fish to nibble. I haven’t caught my own fish yet but that’s only because I didn’t have my own fishing rod. Maybe I’ll get one of my own soon.

Until next time! 🙂



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