06/18/16: Camping @ Arrowhead Provincial Park


So the last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic for me, not only did I have crazy shifts at work, but every day that I wasn’t working, I was out and about on some sort of adventure, hence, the lack of updates on my blog. However, I finally have some down time and here I am now updating y’all with what’s been happening since I’ve been gone. 🙂

On the morning of June 18th, I woke up at around 7:15am and got my ass downtown to the Coach Canada bus station on Bay Street in order to catch the Ontario Northland bus that would take me to Huntsville. Originally, I wasn’t planning on camping at all because my manager told me she wouldn’t be able to give me the weekend I needed off; I thought I was going to work Friday to Sunday. However, when the schedule for the week came out, to my surprise, I wasn’t scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, which meant I could still go camping, I’d just miss the first day. So after some last minute tweaks, I was able to purchase a bus ticket to Huntsville and I arrived Saturday afternoon. The bus ride took four hours long, but it wasn’t too bad. I met a nice lady who taught me how to knit, plus she was super talkative the entire time, so before I knew it, I was already there. Benson picked me up at the bus station and off I went to the campsite.

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bikini top: aerie (actually just a strapless bra that was too cute to not be a swim top) / bikini bottoms: h&m

As soon as I arrived, the first thing I did was go for a swim with Benson by the beach near our campsite. It was a 5 min hike from our site, and the water was so cool and refreshing. It was sunny and such a great way to start it all off. Although a little windy, the sun kept us warm and dry as soon as we got out of the water. Afterwards, we returned to camp, ate some snacks, and then we went exploring in the forest.


Benson, Alex, Caroline, and I went exploring together and we came across a bridge over a river in which the guys went fishing. It was absolutely goregous, the view, the weather, the rocks, everything about it was simply breathtaking. As they were fishing, Caroline and I came across a few strangers and their dogs. We got to play with them as they went for a swim.



I’m more of a cat lover myself, but these dogs were just too cute to resist!

Soon, the rest of the gang came along to explore the forest as well. They went further into the forest than we did because they didn’t want to fish.



Sometimes Benson lets me fish with his rod and although I’m a total noob, he’s quite patient when he teaches me. We didn’t catch anything this time and our lures kept getting caught in the rocks, but I still had fun practicing. 😁






While the others continued hiking and exploring, the four of us went somewhere else to find better fishing spots. We went to the opening of Arrowhead park, where the highway was, and we followed a path that took us under the highway to a river that ran below it.


We walked along the river, stopping to fish here and there and as we walked, we stubbled across an open area that was like a hidden beach. The sand was warm, the sun was bright, and although we were just a few feet under the highway, all we could hear was the rushing waters of the river. It was really nice.


After fishing a bit, Alex got his line snagged in the river and it was one of his favourite lures that he couldn’t bear to lose. Instead of cutting the line, he went into the water to retrieve it, and that’s when we discovered that the river wasn’t actually as deep as we thought it was. Instead of staying on the beach, we decided to explore further along the river by actually trekking in the river itself.


We went all the way to the end where we found a really cool bridge and an opening to another forest. We chilled and hung out there for a while and we were gonna leave until Alex decided he wanted to jump off the bridge LOL. It was so funny because he was so excited about it until he actually got up there, and Benson had to go up with him cause he was scared to jump alone. Eventually Morris came by too, and the three of them jumped all together! Caroline and I wanted to jump too but we left our swimsuits at camp. But it’s okay cause watching the three of them jump was fun enough hahaha 😂

Afterwards we walked along the same river back towards where we came from to explore other parts of the forest before it got too dark. Below is a video I took of us walking and you can see just how nice and peaceful it was. 😌

Returning to the forest, we went straight to Stubbs Falls, which is basically an outlook area on top of a cliff where you can get a pretty good bird’s eye view of the island underneath. It was another simply breathtaking and super gorgeous view, just to be above so high and see how beautiful nature could be.

IMG_3003 IMG_3009 IMG_3024

It was getting kind of late and we were all feeling super hungry, so we headed back to camp to join the others for dinner. I feel like cooking and making food with my friends always turns out amazing because I swear they were all born as renowned chefs in a past lifetime. Like seriously, my cousin Joe went to culinary school for a year and in that one year he learned how to become a master chef. And Anita blesses us with her expertise every time too, not to mention my bae who cooks me deliciousness on a daily, and Morris who works as a chef at Jack Astor’s, packing handpicked custom seasoning for all of us. As a lover of all things edible, I am super happy and thankful to be always be served food by these amazing people.




Anita’s perfectly cooked sausage bun 🙂

We had chicken wings, potatoes, fish, mac and cheese, sausages, buns, and more, seasoned and cooked to perfection 🙂 After eating, we chilled and had some more snacks and smores by the bonfire we made, while listening to music and drinking the night away.


We ended things off with a group hike through the forest trails around midnight. It was pretty scary and unfortunately, too dark for any good photos. Benson and I only walked a quarter of the trail before heading back to the tents to call it a night, but apparently the rest of the gang walked for about 2 hours there and back before they came back to sleep.

The next day, we packed all our things into the car and left the camp site pretty early. Some of our friends went home, but the rest of us went fishing at a historic site called Magnetawan Lock. It was super hot that day, and when I say hot, I mean like scorching heat. I was sweating out of places I didn’t even know was possible. I accidentally fell asleep in the sun tanning while the guys were fishing and got slightly sunburned, but I woke up and reapplied before any crazy tanning line damage could be done haha.








So after all the fishing and tanning, Benson and I took a break. We visited the local ice cream shop, and got iced tea and mint chocolate chip ice cream, my fave 🙂 As we were chilling on a picnic table underneath some trees, we got a phone call from Linda and apparently Morris caught a huge fish and as he was unhooking it’s mouth from his line, the fish jumped and somehow unhooked itself, landing back in the water, but also somehow jamming the fishing hook deep inside Morris’ hand. 😱

File 2016-06-25, 6 28 54 PMAfter about 40 mins of trying to get the hook out ourselves, we couldn’t do it without seriously hurting Morris, so we ended up going to the nearest hospital which was about 50 mins away. When we got there, we had to wait about 3 to 4 hours before they took the hook out since there were more severe injuries that needed immediate attention and only two doctors working that day. Apparently many people get hooks stuck somewhere on them quite often and they all have to go to this hospital to take it out. The hospital even has a wall of fame with all the ejected hooks displayed. Morris’ was the smallest but it was the first time the hospital had seen someone with two hooks stuck in them at the same time, so that was kinda cool haha.

File 2016-06-28, 10 08 25 PM
pretty sure Morris’ is the tiny one near the bottom left lol

After all this, it was already evening time and we grabbed dinner at metros and mcds and headed home. I fell asleep during the entire car ride, was so exhausted. 😴


This was my first camping experience ever and it was seriously so much fun. I’ve always wanted to go and try it out but every summer came and went without it ever happening. I’m so glad it finally happened and that I got to enjoy it with so many amazing people. Arrowhead Provincial Park is actually an amazing first place to camp because not only do they have nice toilets, showers, and water taps that help new campers like me ease into the wilderness, but they have amazing trails and beaches to explore too. I had a blast and can’t wait to be back.

Until next time!


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