06/22/16: Fishing at Youngs Point, Wolf Island PP, Buckhorn, & Kawartha Highlands PP


A couple of days after I graduated, Benson, Morris, Jerry and I went fishing up north in the town of Buckhorn on what was a lovely sunny Wednesday morning. We got up bright and early, packed all our fishing gear, and headed out!


The first location we stopped by was Youngs Point. It was a really quiet and peaceful spot. An old couple was sitting and fishing on the table next to ours. There was an ice cream store nearby but we didn’t get any because it was too early. There were also public washrooms that could be opened with a key.



Benson, Jerry & Morris setting up their fishing gear



We didn’t catch too many fish here and the ones we did catch were quite small and nothing special. So after a few hours we packed up all our things and went to the next spot.


Next we arrived at Wolf Island Provincial Park. We had to do a little bit of hiking to get to the spot where we could fish but that’s okay, I love hiking, and I brought the right shoes this time. ☺️ Plus most of the path was laid out with wooden panels so hiking was a breeze.



We arrived at a small bridge with a waterfall underneath and the guys settled down to fish a bit.




Jerry was the first to catch a fish!



Benson and Morris didn’t have too much luck so we hiked just a little bit deeper and arrived at a point where the waterfall branched out to an open lake. It was absolutely goregous; secluded and quiet, all we heard were the rushing waters, the rustling of grass beneath our feet, and each other’s voices. It was absolutely breathtaking.




Benson and I were on one side fishing while Morris and Jerry were on the opposite side. It became super sunny and hot all of a sudden. 🌞 I sat down to tan for a bit, but afterwards I wanted to try some fishing too, so Benson let me practice reeling with his rod. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, never thought I’d ever get into fishing, but it’s become one of my favourite past times. Watching the guys fish and how their faces light up whenever they reel in the line makes me want to invest in some fishing gear of my own. 🎣



I caught Jerry slipping after fishing for a while. I think he got bored cause he fishes a lot and has done if for a long time, much longer than Morris and Benson. After a small nap, he sat down and decided to make a small fire with some wood that he found and cut down into smaller sticks so we had a mini bonfire going on while they fished.





Once the fire died down, we decided to head back to the car to get going to our next location. But before we left, the guys wanted to try fishing one more time at the bridge we were at before. There were a lot of tiny baby fish there and I could see them swimming in bunches through the clear waters. Jerry let me practice fishing with his rod and that was when I caught my very first fish!!! I was so happy and excited when I felt it bite and reeled it in. 😊😊😊



I think this is a sunfish? It looks pretty big in my opinion and I’m quite proud of myself haha. 😊

Okay on to the next location!


The third spot is in Buckhorn. It’s a busier spot where boats come in and out of the canal and we have to walk over that canal to get to the bridge where we want to fish. This spot also has public washrooms that can be opened through a code put in by one of the park’s employees. I always like to let y’all know where there are washrooms because if you’re like me and you have the world’s smallest bladder, you’ll appreciate everywhere you can go haha.



We weren’t able to catch any big fish the whole day and we were getting kinda bored and were about to leave until these three fishermen showed up carrying huge hunting arrows. I have never seen anything like it before but apparently they point it into the water and shoot huge ass fish! I was so fascinated and I started asking them a whole bunch of questions so they eventually just showed us how it was done.



It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! And the fish he pulled out was huge! Probably around 20 lbs! I have no idea how he pulled that thing out of the water. The guy was really nice and he let us take photos and he even let Jerry carry it and throw it back in the water.





After that, they went somewhere else to shoot some more big fish, and we chilled there a bit before leaving to our last location which was Kawartha Highlands.


I liked this location a lot because it was really secluded and it looked like an ideal place to host a campsite. As soon as we got here, we wanted to set up a tent and just stay overnight and fish all day the next day too, but we didn’t have any camping gear haha. The scenery is gorgeous and we saw many cottage houses that were owned by other people in the area.



We trekked across this narrow bridge to get to the fishing spots we wanted to go to. I liked how there were so many different routes and pathways we could take to explore and discover. At one point while the guys fished, I went to explore on my own and I ended up on the other side of the lake where the guys were fishing. It was a good spot to just watch them and chill and relax.




As the sun was setting, we decided to call it a day and head back home for dinner. It felt like such a long jam packed day and we went to so many different locations. I was super exhausted by the time I got home, I fell asleep right away even though I was sleeping the entire car ride as well. 😴

Every time we go fishing, I discover and learn more and more about the sport. It’s seriously so exciting to wait for the fish to bite and then reel it in once you feel it attached to the bait. This is becoming one of my favourite past times and it reminds me to keep an open mind in everything I do because I can discover new things about me and what I like. Hope you all enjoyed this post and I’ll see you guys in my next one! 😄


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