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One of my favourite things about summer is definitely the beach! I love to just lay about and tan and not do anything but sleep all my worries away in the sun. It’s so relaxing and therapeutic and it gives me time to catch up with friends or read a book I’ve been meaning to finish. Although the beach can be a lovely place, it can also become the reason why you end up home sunburnt, so be prepared and wear sunscreen! Below I’ve shared with y’all a few other beach essentials and some of my favourite products to bring and use for a full day out in the sun. ☀️

  • Sunscreen


Starting off with the basics, sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to wear this, even when you are trying to tan. Sunscreen will not keep you from tanning, you can still achieve a beautiful golden brown while wearing it; sunscreen simply just protects you from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you want to tan easier, just wear a sunscreen with less spf, but depending on your skin and how sensitive it is, you might still burn so make sure you take that into account. I generally go for spf 30 and I prefer the spray on sunscreen because it’s quick and easy and I don’t have to rub it in like lotion.

  • Face Sunscreen


My face is very prone to breakouts and so instead of using just regular sunscreen which might contain some oil based ingredients, I like to use oil free sunscreen that is made especially for the face. My favourite is this one by Innisfree, it smells amazing and it feels really light on my skin, perfect for the summer when I don’t want to wear heavy makeup.

  • Tanning Oil Spray


Sometimes on a cooler summer day, I’ll skip the sunscreen and opt for a tanning oil spray instead to help me tan faster and achieve better results when the sun isn’t shining too bright. This one from Banana Boat is my favourite because it smells AMAZING and it has spf 4 so it’s still protecting my skin from the sun’s rays. For this product, after you spray it, rub it into your skin, and reapply every two hours. What I like to do is put this all over my body, and then put sunscreen on top of areas that burn more easily, like my shoulders so that my whole body can tan without burning.

  • Cute Bikini


This one is a given. Summers were made for swimsuits and bikinis! Remember, whatever you decide to wear, wear it with confidence! I used to purchase a bunch of bikinis and then never wear them in public because I was too self conscious and scared of showing so much of myself. I’ve learned over the years that you only look as good as you feel, and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, if you wear that bikini like you own it, you’re gonna look hella fine every angle.

  • Towel


This one is also a given. Whenever I head to the beach, I always bring a large beach towel to lie down on while I tan. Towels are always better than blankets because you can use your towel to dry yourself up afterwards if you choose to go for a swim. They’re also thicker than most blankets so your butt definitely won’t burn from the hot sand underneath.

  • Dry Shampoo


I always have this with me because I tend to tie my hair up in a bun since it’s so hot at the beach, and then when it gets cooler during the evening, I let my hair down and I can spray some dry shampoo to soak up the day’s oil and give me a fresh new look. I don’t really have a preference for dry shampoo, I like it as long as it does it’s job and it smells good.

  • Sunglasses


I love love love sunglasses and my most favourite ones broke recently during a fishing trip, but that’s okay because my collection only continues to grow hehe. The majority of my sunglasses are from eBay for about $5 to $10 each. My go-tos currently are geometric shaped frames and mirror lens.

  • Book


I personally think reading at the beach is the most relaxing past time in the world so I always try to bring a good book with me. I’m currently reading this one my friend got for me on my birthday about astrology and star signs. If you’re not much of a reader, you can always bring games, magazines, or small projects like knitting to work on while you tan. You can also bring a volleyball, football, or frisbee just to name a few. Otherwise, most people fall asleep on the beach and that’s cool too if you rather do that.

  • Flip-flops


This staple sandal is a must-have for the beach. Flip-flops are meant to be cheap, lightweight and compact. They are meant to get dirty with sand and salt water. You definitely don’t want to bring your favourite cute strappy sandals to the beach because it is 100% guaranteed that they will get ruined. If you do want to wear cute sandals to the beach, bring a pair of flip flops with you to change into once you hit the sand so your cute shoes stay cute, and your feet are still protected.

  • Fruits & Snacks

Rainbow Fruit Tray

I always try to stop at a Loblaws or Metro or any other grocery store along the way to the beach because this is where I pick up fruits, snacks, and drinks to stay happy and hydrated throughout the day. Most grocery stores have pre-packed fruit and veggie trays for you to grab and go which is what I tend to pick up the most. You can also opt for granola bars or chips but stay away from anything with chocolate because those snacks will melt in the hot sun.

  • Beach Bag


And last but not least, you need a large beach bag to carry all of the above items in. Make sure you get one with good comfy shoulder straps and a zipper compartment to store your valuable belongings. It’s even better if your bag has separate compartment flaps for you to separate your sunscreen bottles from your snacks, etc. Another good tip is to store your electronics in ziploc bags so that you can still see the screen while protecting them from water.

So now you’re ready for the beach! Hope y’all find this list helpful!

My friends and I went to Cherry Beach for the first time two weeks ago and below are some photos of our adventure, check ’em out! 😁


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