Hey y’all! Halloween is just around the corner, and every year I always have trouble deciding what to be. Being the super indecisive person I am, I always end up being more than one thing every year, and I wear a different costume to the different parties I attend during Halloween weekend. Last year, my two costumes were Sailor Pluto and Chun Li, you can check them out on my Instagram page here:

For this year, I was multiple costumes again, including a baseball player and a sugarplum princess, but in today’s post, I’ll focus on what I wore to go clubbing the other night!  Two days ago, I went to H&M to just shop around and see what was on sale and I saw this amazing bunny mask. I tried it on and it looked pretty good so I bought it. At the time, I just thought it was a bunny mask but it was the cashier who rung in my purchase that told me it reminded her a lot of Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman album cover. And then I couldn’t unsee it, I had to be Ariana Grande for Halloween haha.


I know I can’t pose as graciously as her but I tried my best. H&M also sells a bunny tail similar to the one Ari is wearing in the photo above, but I decided to skip out on the tail just cause. This costume is super easy to achieve, I didn’t have to go out to purchase anything new. I just threw on a pair of lace tights, some black shorts with lace detailing, and a black tube top and some stiletto heels and voila!

top: aritzia / bottoms: sheinside / tights: le chateau / heels: le chateau

I wore this outfit to go clubbing at Muzik on Friday night for their Halloween special. It was super fun! In order to be more comfortable dancing, I switched out the stilettos for some platforms instead. 💃



And that’s it! All you need are black clothes that you probably already have in your closet and you’re good to go! Hope y’all have fun this Halloween and stay safe! See you guys in my next post! 😊

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