11/06/16: Exploring Hamilton! (Dundas Peak & Tews Falls)


Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since the last adventure post, but I finally got a chance to explore nature once again with my bae over the weekend. The weather was simply amazing, super sunny and not a single cloud in the sky; so we drove on over to Hamilton to visit Dundas Peak, a popular lookout spot known for its beautiful cliffs and hidden waterfalls. Unfortunately, we were only able to hike the Tews Falls trail towards Dundas Peak because the Webster Falls trail was closed. But that’s okay, we still had a lot of fun and we didn’t expect to still see such prominent fall foliage considering November is closer to the end of the autumn colours. We were pleasantly surprised! 😊 Check out our adventure down below:


Before I continue, just some inportant information you might find useful if you want to visit these trails: There are two parking lots available at Dundas Peak, the main one is at Tews Falls and apparently there’s another one at Webster Falls. We decided to park at the main one and it cost us $10 for the vehicle and $5 per person. It’s a good thing we got there earlier because the parking lot filled up quick and eventually got closed off because it was full. Many cars were parked alongside the road but I would suggest paying for parking to avoid getting ticketed and to avoid long walks to and from your car. Also, portapotties are only available in the parking lot.


As mentioned before, Webster Falls was closed off, so we walked along the trail towards Tews Falls. It was amazing because we were walking alongside the cliffs and we could see the trees on the other side of the hills.

hoodie: f21 / leggings: pink / shoes: new balance / backpack: canadian tire


When we read reviews online about Dundas Peak, one thing a lot of people mentioned was that this place was always really crowded, and they were right. There were a lot of visitors and more and more kept coming. I can’t imagine how crowded it was during mid-October, when the fall colours were most prominent, but I can definitely see why it’s such a popular spot.




After weaving through the crowd of people and crossing over a tiny bridge, we finally made it to Tews Falls. Words cannot even explain how serene and breathtaking it was.



We learned that apparently there used to be stairs that led down to the bottom of the falls, but due to dangerous conditions, they were permanently taken down, and in order to get down there, you’d have to detour to Albion Falls first and then walk.



After taking some photos, we went up some stairs and followed another trail taking us towards Dundas Peak. It took us around 20 minutes I believe, but we didn’t mind because the view along the way was absolutely breathtaking.




When we finally got to the peak of the hill, my goodness, it was simply amazing! There were a lot of people and they were all taking photos of the view and of each other, and they were all crowded together in a bunch but we were still able to get some nice photos of our own, including the infamous cliff shot! I look extremely happy because I was, but I was also a little nervous about falling over the edge haha.







We could see all across the city sitting up there. We sat on the cliff and ate some chips and just relaxed and rested for a while since we were kinda tired from our hike up. After a bit, we headed back down towards the parking lot.



Once we exited the parking lot, we tried to find nearby ponds or lakes where we could fish. We drove to Christie Lake Conservation Area but because of the entrance fee, we decided not to enter. After driving some more, we entered Johnson Tew Park, and we walked along the trail towards the pond on the other end of the park. Unfortunately, it was fenced off so we couldn’t fish there either.





We then found a tiny parking lot and a trail that ran alongside a river. By this time the sun was starting to set and the weather changed from sunny skies to a dark overcast, plus it got significantly colder. But we could still fish so it was all good.





Although the waters were incredibly still and the forest around us was quiet, we weren’t able to catch any fish. Benson was determined to catch at least something before heading back to the car, but it was much too cold for me so I stopped casting and waited for him back at the car. After a while, he came back too with no luck. We were also getting hungry so we grabbed dinner at a nearby restaurant called Noah’s. After eating, we were planning on going home, but as we were driving we spotted a huge casino sign advertising OLG slots by the name of Flamboro Downs and we just had to go in and check it out! The driveway leading to the casino was so long and the building was hidden deep within the fields. It was hilarious because when we got there, it was all old people playing slots and we definitely looked like two young troublemakers in the crowd haha.

click photo for more details

I wasn’t able to take my own photos because it was late at night, but here’s a photo I found online of what the sign looked like. It was so extravagant, Benson and I just couldn’t ignore it. This place also has a racetrack which we thought was pretty cool. After spending about an hour and a half there, as usual, I lost everything I bet and Benson won double the amount. 😒 Nonetheless, it was a super fun day and I’m really glad we came! Dundas Peak is a quiet rural place but it’s a great escape for the weekend from big cities like Toronto.

Until next time!


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